Case Study: Milwaukee.Storage

See how .Storage launched a newly-owned facility with no previous SEO history to the first page of Google 37 times in a matter of weeks.

Case Studies

Visibility in a Hurry

Milwaukee.Storage was launched to represent a facility recently acquired by Extra Space Storage. The goal of this .Storage site was to quickly gain visibility in a market where Extra Space Storage had none. To achieve this, Milwaukee.Storage was executed with the following:

  • Search engine optimized website
  • Action-oriented design to drive rentals
  • Local search optimization

Following launch, Milwaukee.Storage began gaining traction immediately. The website drove organic traffic from day one through a mix of local search results and traditional organic results. In just one month, this .Storage domain appeared on the first page for valuable search queries including:

  • Multiple searches for storage in neighborhoods surrounding the facility
  • Multiple searches for storage units near University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin
  • High volume storage searches, including "storage facility near me" and "storage space Milwaukee"

By the numbers

  • 29 Local Pack Positions
  • 37 First Page Positions
  • 60 Positions on Pages 1 & 2

Why .Storage?

For a brand new website, going from nothing to the visibility that Milwaukee.Storage has achieved in its first month of existence is almost unheard of. Even with quality search engine optimization, most websites take several months to start making their way into significant search results.

Not only has Milwaukee.Storage achieved high ranking for local terms, including storage near neighborhoods and colleges in a short period, it appears for very competitive searches including "storage facility near me" and "storage space Milwaukee."

If this .Storage domain can achieve all of this in a month, just think how much more opportunity there is to grow ahead.

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